Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Would you pay out of pocket for this?

From True Majority and various media outlets:

Mercenaries paid with our tax dollars opened fire on Iraqi civilians over the weekend. They killed 8 people and shot 13 more.

"They are untouchable," one private soldier told the Los Angeles Times. "They've shot up other private security contractors, Iraqi military, police and civilians."

Now the Iraqi government has had enough, and has ordered Blackwater to stop work in the country. This morning the Iraqi Prime Minister demanded the U.S. use someone else to guard their VIP's.2 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has promised an investigation, but that's not enough.

Tell Sec. of State Rice to stop using hired mercenaries as state department guards:

Most of Blackwater's work is guarding officials from the State Department. They are among the most high-profile mercenaries working in Iraq, but hardly the only ones. An astounding 120,000 "private security contractors" are in Iraq, 48,000 of them working as combat soldiers.3 They get paid far more than real soldiers, their deaths are not included in the official casualty counts, and they are essentially accountable to no one, according to state department officials.

This is still America. We can't hire mercenaries to fire on civilians with no accountability.


If your answer is no, then GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS AND DO SOMETHING! That's YOUR tax dollars at work, funding mercenaries who have NO ACCOUNTABILITY to anyone but themselves, and who kill at will with little disregard for the consequences.

Really, if you still doubt that we are living under a burgeoning totalitarian regime (one that most Democrats gleefully uphold, and will continue to uphold, because it's in their interests to do so), then you are a pathetic part of the problem. Real democracies do not countenance mercernary activity. Real democracies do not even consider courting mercenaries.

REAL democracies do not SUCK like American government does.

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