Sunday, September 9, 2007

How's that wacky war in Iraq doing, anyway?

With General Patreus' impending testimony to congress about "progess" in Iraq, I thought it'd be interesting to analyze just how that wacky war is going. Below, my brief interview with the Iraq War:

Me: Iraq War, nice to meet you.
Iraq War: KABOOM!
Me: Oops, are you okay?
Iraq War: Just 500 civlians dead in the latest blast, that's all. Added to the 600,000 civlians already dead, of course. But who's counting?
Me: So how's it goin' otherwise?
Iraq War: (weeping hysterically) Just watching as 4 million refugees are streaming out of the country, that's all.
Me: So what about those who stayed behind to brave the daily blasts and horrific urban warfare?
Iraq War: bzzzzzzzbzzzzzzzkeeeeeeeeeek
Me: What was that?
Iraq War: Just the Baghdad power grid failing for the 5th time today.
Me: Hey, it's hot here, and I'm thirsty. Can I have some water?
Iraq War: Sorry, no clean drinking water supplies.
Me: So where are all the children, anyway?
Iraq War: Hiding inside. They don't come out to play or go to school much these days. Too dangerous, plus many of the schools are destroyed.
Me: That's too bad. But other than that, the war is going well, right? Lots of progress, I hear.
Iraq War: KABOOM!

But hey, at least Dennis Kucinich gives a shit about peace:

Report from the Middle East

While the other leading candidates for the Presidency were spending the Labor Day weekend campaigning at picnics, barbeques, state and county fairs, and parading in front of the cameras, YOUR candidate, Dennis Kucinich, without fanfare, was quietly traveling throughout the troubled Middle East in search of real-world solutions to monumental, global challenges.

The votes we cast next year will have an impact here in the United States and around the world, and the candidate we elect must be equipped to make sound foreign policy decisions, based on first hand experience and in-person communications with other world leaders.

So, while other candidates partied and picnicked and posed, Dennis and Elizabeth traveled to a troubled, dangerous region of the world to meet with heads of state and other political leaders to find ways to solve the problems, mitigate the dangers, and find common ground for diplomatic cooperation - and PEACE.

"Strength through Peace" - the Kucinich philosophy - means direct engagement, diplomacy, adherence to international law and upholding treaties. It was in that spirit that Dennis and Elizabeth decided to visit the Middle East; to see whether political and religious leaders as well as the citizens of the region were open to the kind of positive dialogue recommended in the Baker Hamilton report. The kind of dialogue ignored and dismissed by the White House.

Read the rest of the story here.

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