Monday, August 27, 2007

Disaster, Inc.

Have I even written about the Katrina disaster yet? If not, mea culpa, and I am deeply chagrined. The way the Katrina aftermath was handled is one of the many fiascos (among the whole huge bewildering mass) that Bush, Cheney, et al. should be impeached (and incinerated) for, and one of the many tragic situations that should be dominating the media, but which sadly and outrageously is not.

Anyway, the Katrina situation is STILL raging, because the government, fascist sick government that it is, is refusing to grant lower income people their RIGHT TO RETURN to New Orleans, and instead are using money that is RIGHTFULLY the victims' to remake the city into a Vegas-style tourist trap. It's happening along the Gulf Coast, too - instead of helping to house people, they are buidling casinos to lure in the tourists. Poor folk be damned - as usual.

It's yet another example of how America is being re-fashioned into a Haiti-like nightmare of huge income disparities. America is third-world-izing right before our very eyes. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, you are not paying attention, and have a lot of catching up to do. Get crackin'.

And none of us are safe from the egregious greed shown by the tyrants and corporations who control our country; middle class folks are already being financially impacted, and even the richest among us will eventually pay, spiritually and emotionally, for the sickening sins of the corporate totalitarians.

Watch a heart-wrenching video about it here:

Voices from the Gulf

And here is the excellent site of a movement that advocates for Katrina victims' rights, among other civil rights:

Color of Change

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